Pre-Need Funeral Counselor

What is Pre-Need Planning?

Pre-Need Planning refer to any aspect of arranging, planning and funding one’s funeral before a death occurs.  Most mortuaries offer pre-need planning programs and an opportunity to pre-plan funeral services, burial or cremation.  There is no cost for the counseling involved in pre-planning.

Many people, however, don’t realize the value of pre-planning until a death of a loved one occurs.  At that time family members must take on the responsibility of arranging for the funeral and paying for it.  They must gather needed information and make dozens of immediate and sometimes difficult decisions during a time of grief and emotional distress.

More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to pre-plan, in order to:

  • Personalize one’s services, deciding what they want and do not want in services
  • Control the costs of services and avoid spending too much or too little
  • Guarantee services, providing protection from inflation

Values of Becoming a Pre-Need Funeral Counselor

  • Helping families in a unique and special way by making sure the choice is theirs
  • Providing vital statistics and family information for the vital records and obituary
  • Record the family’s wishes on file with the funeral service that they prefer
  • Lessen the emotional and financial toll in the case death takes on the family
  • Making sure they avoid future family disagreements and conflicts, by making the decisions themselves
  • Giving a peace of mind to the family because they have prepared and made sure their affairs are in order